Toyota Financial Services

“We’ve used Nature’s Formula for a few years now. We get them in on the last day of every month which is our longest and hardest day and staff tension is usually high. It’s one of the cheapest and most effective staff rewards that we’ve ever thought of. The team members can’t wait for their turn. You’ll even see them delay lunch plans so they don’t miss out! Personally I find the massages are relaxing and invigorating, and it makes an otherwise arduous day one of the best days every month.”

John de Haard, Managing Director
HealthStaff Recruitment

We at HealthStaff Recruitment have utilised the corporate services of Nature’s Formula for more than 7 years. Our staff have been very satisfied with the massage service provided by Nature’s Formula in our own office. The staff at Nature’s Formula are very professional and friendly. Our staff spend most of their time seated behind a computer screen, and from an occupational health & safety perspective, both our staff and HealthStaff Recruitment benefit from the massage services. We highly recommend the services of Nature’s Formula.”


“I have been a client of Nature’s Formula for some years. They have a number of therapists to choose from, booking online has been a big plus for me as is the fact that they offer a 7 day a week service. All these features make getting a good massage easy. The Loyalty Card also provides value for money. Over the years I have been going to Nature’s Formula they have continued to provide a high level of service and have continued to make improvements. I can see myself remaining a client for years to come”

Linda N

“With regards to giving some feedback I immediately thought that to sum up your services it is a high quality massage service without the expensive price tag. It was refreshing to be asked if I wanted to have a conversation or not. I chose to float away to a beautiful peaceful place hearing only the soothing background music and deeply breathing in the aroma scent of lavender. It was the perfect nurturing treat! In December 2010 , I saw two different massage therapists totally about 6 sessions. Christine treated me 5 times and so she got to know my body well which was extremely helpful as I did not have to begin again and again explaining to a new therapist what I wanted and what was my tight muscular areas. The massage services were consistently professional, beneficial and affordable.”

Gail R

“Our association with Nature’s Formula and its staff has been long and rewarding. Although we have our favourite therapists, no matter whom we book, we find the standard of service to be impeccable and professional. We find it easy and convenient to use the website booking system and do not hesitate to recommend Natures Formula to our friends and colleagues.